The Ascolta Difference

We are artists who listen to your data. We love to connect, discover, act and protect.

We are not a manufacturer pushing a point product or advancing hidden resale agendas. We are not a consultancy seeking to permanently attach a cast of thousands to your organization.

At Ascolta, we find solutions by applying advanced algorithms, cyber and threat analytics and a state-of-the-art methodology to rapidly detect and prevent cyber security threats. We do this quickly, unobtrusively and without disrupting your business or mission.

We believe that we can show where your cybersecurity needs aren’t being met and provide a way forward to building a more secure information environment.

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Uncover Actionable Intelligence

Our proven methodology examines your data streams, creates an analytics approach, and helps you visualize what’s most important to your operation.

Ascolta Methodology

Landing Zone:
Ingest Data

Understand your data and compare it with ours

Transition Zone:
Create Knowledge

Look for correlations and anomalies

Visualization Zone: Display Actionable Intelligence

Provide true visibility to
inspire action

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Find Better Ways to Operate

Our techniques leverage our datasets and yours to identify threats and improve processes across sectors including:


  • Military
  • Civilian
  • State and Local

Industrial Base

  • Energy
  • Transportation
  • Healthcare


  • Financial
  • Logistics
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The average cost of a data breach in the USA is $5.85 million

Financial Consequences of a Data Breach


Cause of Data Breach


Source: 2014 Cost of Data Breach, Ponemon Institute

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