We keep pace with the speed of your business – delivering data analytics on-demand. No investment in hardware or resources needed.

Landing Zone

Identifying the Most Critical Data

  • We learn about the problem you are trying to solve, your mission, values, and how you measure success.
  • Then we access all the relevant data in your system, as well as data we already possess, and match it with your streaming network data.

Transition Zone

Analyzing Data to Create Insight

  • We look at ways to apply the data to better understand, analyze and illuminate the problem.

  • We apply analytics from our expansive analytics library to draw meaning out of your data and information.

  • Where analytics don’t exist our data scientists develop custom analytics to solve your unique problems.

Visualization Zone

Display New Insights to Drive Action

  • Data can be displayed on a map, in tables or graphics – we create the visualization that is best for you to manage and make decisions.

  • We offer true visibility of the risks to your network with focus on critical areas that require further analysis.

Your key performance indicators and key risk indicators are as important to us as they are to you. Data is only valuable if it is shared and analyzed in light of what drives you. We ensure that our analysis at every step sets you up for business success.

Here are the ways we partner to deliver results with your data.

You Ascolta
Share your key performance indicators (what is important to your success and why) Provide analytics that are truly useful
State your objectives and metrics for success Develop dashboards with your data to help leaders evaluate progress
Identify a question about your operation you need answered Analyze available data to find the answer
Allow us to scan your network security Quickly and cost effectively evaluate your state of readiness

You can trust us to uncover the objective truth – your data speaks, and we have the tools to help you listen.