Empowering business leaders with better intelligence.

Our Approach

We are consultants that enable you to leverage our staff’s deep cyber experience and business best-practices developed from long term experience with the DoD. This enables you to use existing data to answer the pressing questions that affect the security and short and long-term questions facing your business. We are not a manufacturer pushing a product. Our focus is on empowering business leaders with better intelligence – on-demand, as a service, customized to business requirements based on need.

Risk Awareness

  • Eliminate fragmented view of disparate sources by integrating data sets on to a single pane of glass
  • Analysis of all the data sets for a holistic view of cyber activity and cyber threats
  • Visualize data analytics via an intuitive cyber dashboard to uncover vulnerabilities and risks

Business Intelligence

  • Better align and manage resources
  • Relate money to assets within budget areas
  • Understand data from service requests and volume and how you can increase efficiency