Uncover the Business Value of Your Data


Uncover Actionable Intelligence

Ascolta provides cyber analytics as a service via consultancy and a public cloud platform. Our focused operational approach and unique delivery capability provide a rapid analytics capability to key decision makers allowing them to gain key insight from a myriad of complex data sets, both internal and external, including key intelligence data from public sources. The ability for Ascolta to represent the data from these multiple sources on a single ‘virtual pane’ accessible with standard web browsers allows for a rapid triage of events to implementation of mitigation in near real time. The unique approach of on-demand, cloud-based analytics as a service eliminates the need for upfront investment, allows for a speed of deployment limited only by access to data, and provides a business best practice baseline from which you can further customize to your unique organization.

Gain Confidence with Ascolta’s Insight.

We partner with you to derive value from your data.

What to expect from our collaboration:
  • Solve business problems based on data you already have from a wide range of disparate sources in record time.
  • Get answers faster by removing the manual and laborious process of sifting through data. Think days not months.
  • Minimize the investment – no hardware, software or maintenance to manage. You get analytics on-demand, not a box.
  • Tap into unlimited possibilities across sectors and business problems that need to be solved – including cyber risk.

Get Information in Days Versus Months

Ascolta’s team of specialists works consultatively with your subject matter experts to identify objectives and provide the exact results needed to move your business forward. The Ascolta cloud-based solution uses the latest open source software to tailor computational and storage requirements to each organization’s unique specifications ensuring lower costs. Our step-by-step delivery model ensures a quick and easy start-up, the ability to get information in days versus months, and works with you to find the best views to serve critical stakeholder needs.

About Us

Ascolta is a wholly owned subsidiary of ViON Corporation, a veteran-owned IT company with over 36 years of experience building IT enterprise solutions for government and commercial customers. Ascolta partners with ViON for system integration, hardware builds, shipping and logistics to help customers identify cybersecurity risks, visualize complex data and improve mission outcomes with actionable intelligence.

Ascolta, LLC developed from a joint partnership between ViON and Yadata Solutions in 2013. As YaData Solutions was acquired by Atigeo in 2015, ViON launched Ascolta to support market demand for cybersecurity analytics. Ascolta’s solution is delivered as a service from a cloud-based platform and supports Department of Defense contracts as a fully DCAA compliant company; with all of our staff possessing active Top Secret clearances. Ascolta is available via the SEWP V and NCPA contract vehicles.

Ascolta specializes in giving business leaders greater confidence about the next big decision and all the ones in between – on-demand, at your service.